Prof. dr. M.V. Huisman

Present appointments

  • Professor of Medicine, staff member Department of Medicine, section of Thrombosis and Hemostasis at Leiden University Medical Centre
  • Member of North American (ACCP) guideline committee treatment of VTE 2016
  • Chair of Dutch antithrombotic treatment guideline 2016

Past appointments

  • PhD Diagnostic management of deep venous thrombosis 1987
  • Training Internal Medicine and Haematology AMC Amsterdam 1994
  • Member Task Force European Guidelines ESC pulmonary embolism 2014
  • Member

Patient care

  • Consultant physician for patients with vascular diseases, with focus on diagnosis and treatment of thrombotic disorders.


  • Director of subspecialty internists training in vascular medicine.


  • Diagnostic and therapeutic studies in venous and arterial acute and chronic thromboembolism, including clinical evaluation of direct anticoagulants.