Study information – NOAC bleeding registry

Prospective registry of management and outcome of bleeding complications in patients treated with non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs)


To assess the management and subsequent outcome of patients with NOAC related bleeding and of patients that need to undergo emergency invasive procedures while using a NOAC.

Study design

This is an investigator initiated prospective multi-center cohort study. Patients are eligible for participation when they are treated with a NOAC and present with bleeding or require an

emergency invasive surgery or procedure while on NOACs (emergency is defined as within the next 8 hours). The patient’s history, concomitant medication, clinical outcome, laboratory parameters and applied treatment strategies will be collected from patient’s charts and from the treating physician. Additionally, citrated blood will be collected at two different time points, at presentation and 4-8 hours after presentation (total 2x 9.0 mL). In the subgroup of patients that is treated with PCC, two extra tubes of citrated blood (9 mL) will be collected just after PCC administration. Informed consent from the patient or a proxy will be obtained either at presentation or afterwards within 48 hours.


The study has been initiated in the Netherlands by Prof dr Saskia Middeldorp and dr Michiel Coppens (AMC). Currently four centers in the Netherlands are participating.

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NOAC bleeding registry

Dit onderzoek wordt uitgevoerd om inzicht te verkrijgen in de werkzaamheid van de behandeling van patiënten met een bloeding of spoedingreep tijdens gebruik van een NOAC vanwege een hartritmestoornis, trombose of longembolie. Op dit moment is nog niet precies bekend is wat de beste behandeling is voor een NOAC bloeding of indicatie voor spoedingreep.

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