ALIFE2 Study information

Anticoagulants for living fetuses in women with recurrent miscarriage and inherited thrombophilia
The ALIFE2 study protocol has also been published in TRIALS (link here).


The primary objective of the ALIFE2 study is to evaluate the efficacy of low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) in women with recurrent miscarriage (RM) and inherited thrombophilia.

Study design

International multicenter randomized controlled trial.
Women with a history of RM (2 or more not necessarily consecutive miscarriages), confirmed inherited thrombophilia and who are attempting to conceive or are less than 7 weeks pregnant will be recruited for the study. As soon as a urine pregnancy test is positive, they will be randomised to LMWH once daily, starting immediately after randomisation, or to no LMWH. All women will receive standard pregnancy surveillance.


The study has been initiated in the Netherlands by Prof dr Saskia Middeldorp (AMC) and patients are recruited in The Netherlands and in Belgium. Since October 2015, patients are also recruited in the UK.

More information:
NTR (Netherlands Trial Register) NTR 3361


In de ALIFE2 studie wordt onderzocht of LMWH (een antistollend medicijn) de kans op een levendgeboren kind vergroot bij vrouwen met herhaalde miskraam en erfelijke trombofilie (een erfelijk verhoogde stollingsneiging).
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